soothe sore muscles | improve flexibility | speed up recovery | improve resilience | improve mental clarity

Our specially curated 2hr communal therapeutic thermal recovery session is the optimum amount of time to really reap the thermal benefits. It has been especially designed to help with the recovery and performance for exercise enthusiasts and athletes. 

Extensive research supports the use of thermal therapies (contrast therapy) to lessen muscle fatigue decrease pain, swelling, and lactic acid buildup following intense exercise. 

Additionally, thermal therapy can help with recovery from common conditions such as sprains, soft tissue trauma, carpel tunnel syndrome to rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes*

The transformative effect it imparts on the body’s circulatory, lymphatic, and immune systems can manifest almost instantaneously after a single visit. With consistent commitment, the positive changes in your overall well-being, down to the cellular level, can be remarkably evident. Embrace the rejuvenating power of thermal therapy and unleash the potential within you.

Price only $120/pp (inc gst)

Guaranteed privacy option available at an additional cost and subject to availability.
*   2hr access to our communal therapeutic thermal therapy urban oasis 
*   Complimentary towel. 
*   1 x small flask of organic therapeutic tea
*  Access to showers | change rooms | shower provisions | hair dryer  
In the interest of reducing landfill, reusables spa slippers are available for purchase for $10 for you to keep.

Please call 0482 444 555 to book.

Typical Therapeutic Thermal Recovery Circuit Protocol