Where Inner Health
Meets Outer Radiance 

Nova Holistic Spa is a homely, boutique wellness haven located in central Hobart.
We provide holistic wellness services that nurture your
well-being, mind, body & spirit – on a cellular level, so you can
live your best life with optimal health, feel good & radiate health.

Our Unique Services

Optimise your cellular health, destress, relax and recover for overall health and wellbeing.

Prioritise Cellular Health

Cellular health is the cornerstone of vitality, influencing bodily functions, repair processes, and disease prevention.

Combat Modern Strains

In today’s fast-paced world, toxins, stressors, and hectic schedules can compromise cellular regeneration, leading to various health challenges if not paid attention to.

Empower Your Body

Integrate proactive health measures into your life that help boost what your body does naturally and nurture your overall well being.

Holistic Healing

We offer tailored wellness solutions aimed at optimising cellular health to enhance energy levels, reduce stress, and foster mental clarity.

Optimise your health, from the inside out, to not only feel great, but to look great too.