Nova Holistic Spa are pleased to provide another unique offering to Tasmania – the FDA approved Infrared Amethyst Bio Mat.

This is a revolutionary healing technology is very effective to help reduce stress, inflammatory responses and toxic insults while supporting alkaline balance and lymphatic flow.
Our Infrared Amethyst BioMat contains conductive amethyst crystals that combine with far infrared rays and negative ions, which, when passed through the amethyst crystals, turn these rays into long wavelengths that safely penetrate through the skin more deeply. 
As a result of its piezoelectric properties, the amethyst stone can carry both negative and positive charges simultaneously, explaining its centuries-old healing properties. The ancient Greeks believed Amethyst protected against intoxication. Leonardo da Vinci believed that it had the power to protect against evil and to increase intelligence. Buddhists use the stone to enhance peace and tranquility during meditation. 
Using modern science, developed by NASA and a computer designed by Texas Instruments, the Infrared Amethyst BioMat is the result of the combined expertise of highly recognised scientists. In 2010, The Royal Swedish Academy of Science, awarded the BioMat a grand prize in the medical device field.  The United Nations gave the BioMat an award for its contribution to health care enhancement around the world.​

Did you know? In contrast to a regular infrared sauna, the Infrared Amethyst Bio Mat penetrates 15 cm of healing far infrared wavelengths through the body whilst a sauna penetrates 4 cm. 

This deeper Far Infrared heat helps peripheral blood vessels dilate, bringing more effective relief and healing to muscles and soft tissue injuries.

(Separate use)
30 mins – $45
45 mins – $55
60 mins – $65

​Add on with a massage treatment ​for $30.​(inc gst)
Not suitable to include with a SuperNova signature, thermal stone or pregnancy massage.