Our holistic counselling + package is more than just a usual style of counselling session where you have a 50 min appointment and then off you go.

We give you permission to allow yourself some quality time to process after your session and nurture your overall wellbeing at the same time with a discounted rate to Hobart’s only outdoor, all weather, therapeutic thermal therapy facility.

At Nova, we feel so passionately about emotional wellbeing and its root cause in the manifestation of physical disorders. And it is in this spirit that we have created our holistic counselling + therapeutic thermal therapy package with the goal to help ease the mind and help thwart ‘dis-ease’ and health problems.
We genuinely want you to nurture yourself into integrated wholeness of being. Nowhere else can you receive a counselling session with this added little extras at a very competitive price.
Our resident holistic counsellor, Nicole provides a 1:1 confidential, open-minded, safe & nurturing space where you address and/or just release thoughts, emotions, and situations within your life that are holding you back and preventing you from achieving your full potential. In her approach, she uses both humanistic and client centered techniques to gently guide you as you look at things from different angles. 


  • 1-hour holistic counselling session with Nicole McIntyre
  • 1-hour in our Therapeutic Thermal Therapy Urban Oasis complete with full spectrum infrared sauna, magnesium hot tub and ice bath

Price: From $180 (inc gst)