We’re not like a traditional day spa. 

At Nova Holistic Spa, everything we do and offer has been carefully chosen to nourish you – mind, body & spirit from a cellular level. We’re a unique & homely, and warm boutique space where you can reclaim your health and radiate it from within, naturally.  

We believe that true beauty and wellbeing is a combination and balance of how you feel emotionally and function physically, to what choices you make within your environment and lifestyle. When these elements align, an outer radiance, demonstrated through healthy glowing skin and a natural energy and alertness ensues that is hard to ignore. 

We enable your body to do what it does naturally, at a cellular level, so you can relax better, recover quicker, rejuvenate cells more efficiently, and reset your rhythm, mind and spirit. Which in turn will help you live your best life with energy, joy, without pain, and with purpose.  

Located in a heritage building in central Hobart, down a quaint alleyway, once you step inside Nova Holistic Spa you will instantly feel a sense of tranquility and will see just nurturing our wellness haven is that sisters Kylie & Nicole have created. A private & quiet place, in the middle of the city, where you can calm your farm.

Enjoy some social time with your friends and family whilst also doing something that’s good for you. Learn simple natural complementary medicine alternatives and practical guidance to some of life’s personal challenges. Find the secrets to physical, mental and spiritual health in the pursuit of longevity and the steps you can take to live your best life. 

Whether you are from out of town, or local to Hobart, we invite you to press your rest button from everyday day stressors, rejuvenate your body from the inside out, recover from athletic commitments or physical injuries. It’s all possible.

Boost your body’s internal operating systems to not only feel healthier, be more energetic and heal, but to look healthier too. Our wide range of unique holistic treatments services will meet your rejuvenation/therapeutic needs.

We proudly boast…

  • Hobart’s only outdoor, all weather, therapeutic thermal therapy (contrast hot & cold therapy) facility – complete with far infrared sauna, ice bath and magnesium spa
  • Tasmania’s only FDA approved mHBOT (mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy) AirPod 
  • Tasmania’s only FDA approved Infrared Amethyst BioMat
  • A range of healing massages options
  • Functional skin health treatments
  • Holistic counselling
  • Wellness workshops 
  • Unique & specially curated holistic wellbeing packages that genuinely optimise your relaxation, recovery & rejuvenation needs – mind, body & spirit like no other in town