Holistic Health Tech

In today’s fast-paced world, the approach to healthcare is rapidly evolving. One such evolution is the integration of technology into the realm of holistic healthcare, paving the way for a movement called ‘Holistic Health Tech’.

Nova Holistic Spa brings holistic health tech to you with Tasmania’s only mHBOT (mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy) & Infrared Amethyst BioMat. These two FDA approved, non-invasive, passive treatments are world renowned and used to help speed up recovery from athletic training, competing, and injury for athletes to those recovering from surgery or need help with boosting what the body does naturally to heal itself or function at its best.


(mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy) AirPod

Safely increases oxygen in blood plasma by up to 50% at a pressure of below 1.5ATA. Under this mild pressure oxygen is delivered more efficiently, saturating deeper into tissues, cell and peripheral areas.

mHBOT is a recognised modality that can help to:

*increase energy * accelerate muscle recovery from high level training/competition *accelerate injury/surgery recovery *strengthen the immune system *reverse dermatological concerns *support reduction of metabolic syndrome *reduce oxidative stress *induce relaxation to maintain autonomic nervous system balance *promote anti-aging *support those living with lifestyle-related diseases, and *enhance overall health and well-being. 


1hr $90 | 1.5hrs $140 ​(inc gst)
Frequent flyer package – pay 5 get 5th flight free!

Infrared Amethyst BioMat

Use Amethyst healing properties to enhance your massage whilst also helping to reduce stress, inflammatory responses and toxic insults, whilst supporting alkaline balance and lymphatic flow. 

From $30 add on to select massages or use solely (inc. gst)


From $45 | 30mins sole use or $30 add onto to select massages