Super Nova Signature Massage

Super Nova Signature Massage has all the bells & whistles and is unlike any other massage experience.

It is a truly super charged massage experience.

We prefer not to tell you every detail of what makes it so special here, because we’d like to surprise you! 

But suffice to say, that you will sample all of the holistic elements (mind, body, spirit) that we at Nova provide as part of our holistic experience.

What’s included in this massage:

  • Thermal stone massage – hot & cold – with carefully selected stones from our global travels, not store bought stones.
  • Gua Sha face massage – to help de-puff, stimulate microcirculation, and promote collagen production.
  • Sound bath – to promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve overall well-being through the use of sound and vibration. 

All of which, when combined enhances the holistic connection between the state of mind, the body’s reaction to tension release and the power of vibrating sounds; resulting in better energy flow throughout the body.

​It’s 90mins of harmonising BLISS!! 

90mins – $210 pp (inc gst)

Add a 15min pre-treatment intention setting ritual for only $20 at time of booking. 

The mind is a powerful source of energy and being a mindful participant (setting an intention) in a treatment enables the body to respond on many levels and enhances the treatment’s effectiveness.