Seeking “counsel” with Nicole is not about diagnosing and “fixing broken”. Nicole sees a “breakdown” as the seeding of a “breakthrough”, where, unrecognised aspects of self are desperately seeking your recognition, understanding, acceptance and integration. Where there is an inner state of restlessness (disharmony) in self and/or relationships, it is a dissonance in vibrational quality, that, when left unresolved, creates a continued background hum of un-easy internal energy, ie: dis-ease. Being in a continued and unreleased state of internal dis-ease eventuates into… you guessed it… chronic disease. 
Life is growth, and the acceptance of which becomes a natural consequence of the holistic path. Nicole takes the position of non-judgemental, open-minded confidential guide. She gently, playfully, and compassionately deepens your curiosity for self-inquiry into meeting those disowned aspects of self that desire your attention to integrate with who you are now. As you meet yourself, you become more whole in your compassion and capacity to deal more peacefully and authentically toward yourself and thus, with others; becoming more accepting of where they (and you) are at “right now”, on your paths of growth. 
Whether it be psychoanalysis, self-psychology, creative and music therapy, sound therapy, or narrative, Rogerian and Gestalt therapies, dream work, astrological charting, numerology, tarot, palmistry, or meridian work, Bach Flower remedies, or guided visualisation meditations; with Nicole’s Humanistic approach, you will simply come to know yourself better, and appreciate yourself on much deeper levels. Learning to self-navigate as author of your own beliefs and inner narratives to make peace with yourself, shedding layers you find no longer fit who you have become, and are becoming; reveals the whole you. Being at peace with self naturally results in harmonious relations with others. 


Using a basis of narrative therapy and metaphor along with a wide array of holistic methods, Nicole’s non-directive approach invites your curiosity and imagination to help you see things from alternate perspectives; broadening your view of situations and the sticky issues of self and others you find difficult to resolve. Let’s unpick some of the crossed stitching on the self-repair work that some of your fractured aspects have understandably attempted in your defense. Become your own truly honest and caring best friend again.

Individuals/Couples work

Nicole encourages you to reconnect to who you are either as an individual, or as a couple, to tap into who you desire to become personally and within your relationship.
Drawing from many methods Nicole will work closely with you to assist you to return to your core self, and be your own best friend.
For couples, Nicole will help you to truly see each other once again as best friends as well as lovers. Tapping into each others yearning to be, and be seen, not as an accessory, but as co-creators of your shared realities, so that ‘connection you share as lovers deepens. Lust is the bud that arises from the shoots of an attraction that can blossom into love, if well nurtured. A deeper and lasting love exists where there are deep bonds of true friendship, arisen from that deep knowing, recognition, respect and support of each other on your paths of growth, both individually and in union. 
Through Narrative, Rogerian and Gestalt therapies, and astrological chemistry, parts work and non-verbal techniques; Nicole can offer you tools to help each-other better understand your inter-personal and inter-family dynamics, communication techniques for responsivity over reactivity, and, how to activate (or reactivate) an authentic sharing of Soul, Mind, Sex and Heart connection.
You won’t be disappointed in Nicole’s unique and deeply supportive insights.


  • Masters Holistic Counsellor (Honours)
  • A vast range of life experiences and a sixth sense to tap into feelings and the intricacies of what lies underneath someone’s problem and an excellent ability to draw out and communicate with people in a compassionate, warm manner.
  • BAMus – 
  • Masters Music Therapy (in progress) having completed all academic units of her master’s in music-Therapy, with Melbourne University, she has only 160 hrs of clinical placement left to graduate. 
  • Nicole is associated with her professional music therapy organisation as a student and is thus indemnified to practise in this capacity. So, make an appointment now to take advantage of her very affordable “master in training” rates.