detox | boost metabolism | improve circulation | sooth pain | boost immunity

Our Infrared Sauna is a 3-person state of the art full spectrum Sunlighten TM mPulse and includes a touch screen of six preset programmes for detoxification, circulation/cardiovascular, pain relief, relaxation, weight loss, and skin health.

Throughout hundreds, if not thousands of years cultures have used heat therapy for healing, cleansing, and purification. Today, with modern knowledge and technology, heat therapy has created Far Infrared Saunas the most beneficial and effective type of Sauna there is. 


45min $55 | 60min -$75 – includes gst

45min – $100 | 60min – $140 – includes gst

Includes complimentary towel + small flask of organic therapeutic tea

​Spa slippers available for purchase for $10 – for you to keep.

Note: bookings are subject to availability and are for the use of the communal sauna facility only.

When you use the sauna, think about what Chromotherapy light you may want to use ahead of time. Light therapy can transform your mental well-being and Homeostasis – which is when the body maintains a stable internal environment when, under varying stressors. Chromotherapy works on various energy points to help balance your body via the full spectrum of visible light. Here’s more information on the different healing benefits for colours on the spectrum.