relax | boost immunity | improve thermoregulation | reduce inflammation | improve resilience | boost happy hormones 

Unique Urban Oasis Facilities

Enjoy all 3 facilities together in a circuit to recover, relax or rejuvenate or seperately

Includes complimentary towel hire and small Konjac sponge (to keep).

Experience our unique Urban Oasis with others or on your own.

Choose from communal (max 6ple); private (1-2ple) or private group (3-8ple).

From $60pp (inc gst). More details below.


Therapeutic thermal therapy integrates the cellular health benefits of exposing your body to hot and cold water/environments one after the other to help actively engage the body’s thermoregulatory system.  Through a sequence of hot & cold sequences this radical change in temperature creates a pumping effect on our blood vessels which boosts blood flow more efficiently. It also stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which helps to:
  • slow heart and breathing rates
  • lower blood pressure
  • promote better digestion
  • reduce stress
  • strengthen the immune system
  • improve cardio fitness & circulation
  • improve focus
  • recovery from sore muscles
  • enhance muscle recovery
  • improve sleep
  • boost energy and last but not least it’ll help lift your spirits

Urban Oasis Options

Communal Therapeutic Thermal Therapy

(max 6people, individual bookings)
Allows time to fit in the use of 2-3 thermal therapy facilities with the longer options providing a more leisurely experience. 
  • Communal access to all 3 urban oasis facilities  
  • Complimentary towel 
  • Access to private showers | change rooms | shower provisions | hair dryer  


60min – $80 | 90min – $110 | 120min – $120 

Private Therapeutic Thermal Therapy

Enjoy private use of Urban Oasis for 60 | 90 | 120 mins


  • Complimentary towel 
  • Choice of complimentary organic herbal therapeutic tea
  • Bath robe hire
  • Own Konjac Sponge (to take home and use for your next visit)
  • Access to private showers | change rooms | shower provisions | hair dryer  


From $180 (inc gst)

Private Group Sip ‘n’ Spa

Absolute private use of Urban Oasis space for up to 8 people (from 90mins).

Choose from a basic package to a fully optimised package from $80/pp

Call 0482 444 555 for a quote

Individual Use Only

No other part of Urban Oasis can be used.

Magnesium Hot Tub Only
30mins $45pp
(inc gst)

Far Infared Sauna Only
45mins – $55 | 60mins – $65 
​(inc gst)

Ice Bath Only
From $20/pp 
​​(inc gst)

Enhance your experience with the below recommended upgrades:

You can include as many as you like at checkout.

  • 30 min invigorating Sound Bath by our resident music therapist & holistic counsellor – $45
  • 30 min quick glow & go classic mini facial – perfect finish to clean, exfoliate and moisturise your skin after a good detoxing in the Urban Oasis – $99
  • Upgrade to a massage of your choice – $variable
  • In house Skincare product samples to experience post Urban Oasis session – $10
  • Luxury Spa essentials pack (choice of delicious organic therapeutic thermal tea, bath robe hire, water resistant headphones) – $variable

* In the interest of reducing landfill, spa slippers to keep your toes warm, can be hired for $5 which you can take home and use next time you visit. 

NOTE: You should not to thermal therapy if you have an open or infected wound of less than 48hours old | diabetes | high blood pressure | untreated epilepsy. In general, always consult with your medical practitioner first when wanting to try new forms of therapy, no matter whether they are active or passive.

How To Use the Urban Oasis

  • We strive to maintain our facilities to the highest quality, but it also requires our guests to adhere to our entry policies to optimise the facilities operations and maintain the high level of hygiene at all times.
  • It is a requirement that all guests shower and scrub their skin (without the use of soap) before using any Urban Oasis facility.
  • With the Urban Oasis facility, you can cycle through the facilities at your leisure, or use our specially curated protocols based on your needs, be it to just relax, rejuvenate, or recover. 
  • Refrain from wearing makeup, sunscreen, oils, perfume, or antiperspirant (as this will interfere with the pH balance of the magnesium spa/ice bath and will prevent your body from sweating out toxins & for the infrared light to penetrate through your skin effectively in the sauna).
  • Listen to our Nova Holistic Spa wellness playlist and hire our safe water resistant headphones whilst using the Urban Oasis facilities. Or pair to your own device.
  • So we can best accommodate your needs, all guests are required to sign a waiver and to let us know of any special needs or contraindications prior to using our facilities
  • As with most things in life, consistency and commitment is required to see results. Ask about our 5 for 4 session packages. 

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